Raised in Athens, Georgia Dan grew up with 10 older siblings. He worked with United Parcel Service (UPS) while attending the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia (UGA) where he earned a BBA in Management 1988.  Dan completed a MS in Urban Studies from Georgia State University in 1992. From 1989 to 1999, Dan served 10 years as a Transportation Planner and Director at Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in Georgia including Athens, Savannah, Glynn County/St. Simon Island and Douglas County. In 1999 he began working with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and fostered many of the programs which have become national models. Dan has been instrumental establishing major public/private economic development programs in metro Atlanta including Local Government and Regional Plans, Livable Centers Initiative (LCI), Aerotropolis Alliance and Peachtree Gateway Partnership.

Dan is credited with creating many of the programs and transformational projects in metro Atlanta that became the catalyst for urban redevelopment since 1999. When Executive Director Harry West hired Dan, ARC had recently been sued by advocacy groups and experienced a period of air quality non-conformity. Dan was a member of the ARC Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) and understood the need for major land use changes in the Atlanta region. Dan created the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program following the leadership of Joel Stone and Tom Weyandt. Originally the program was conceived with $350 million of federal transportation funds for urban planning and transportation projects at MARTA rail stations and town centers. 

In the fall of 2004, Dan was hired as an Adjunct Professor at the Georgia Tech Institute of Technology teaching a graduate level course in growth management laws and strategies in the U.S. Dan combined the course with a law class taught by Professor Julian Juergensmeyer of the Georgia State College of Law.  Juergensmeyer is a national planning and zoning law expert and living Atlanta legend. The concept for the course was created by Dr. Chris Nelson formerly of Georgia Tech. During his teaching career, Dan engaged 160 graduate planning and law students many of whom continue to lead planning and communities in Atlanta as well as across the country.  The knowledge Dan accumulated as a professor led to substantial support and further innovation to local governments and the Atlanta region through his position at ARC.


Dan works with many local governments, CIDs, state agencies, non-profit organizations and developers to foster public-private strategies that are transformational. Dan believes the tools and success of communities and private development which created tremendous value in metro Atlanta can be expanded across the State of Georgia and U.S.